Ben Shapiro

Media mogul, tumbler wholeseller, know-it-all pundit. Also: his wife is a doctor.

Motto: “Facts don’t care about your feelings“. Also: “The governement sucks at everything.”

Ben Shapiro is a graduate from the Harvard school of law. From X to Y, he worked for Breitbart news, a media website created by his mentor, Andrew Breitbart. After the death of Breitbart, dissatisfied by the way the media was evolving, Shapiro created his now news outlet : the daily wire, where he has been hosting a podcast on current affairs since X.

Gained famed from being on the Piers Morgan show on CNN, and beating him senseless with facts.

2016 was the year that put him on the map. He describes it as a strange year, where he was simultaneously called X and Y.

Also famous in conservative circles for his book and speech “how to debate liberals” (where, to use Dave Rubin’s words, he really meant lefties).

His podcast can be found here, his twitter here, and his books here.

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